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CerTech Gels
CerTech Gels

The highest quality engine solution around!

The highest quality engine solution around!

"If you are not using engine ceramics, You are simply missing out on the greatest technology In aftermarket engine care of the last decade. CerTech Gels is top of the line."  How does CERTECH GELS work? 

For 15 years we have been fixing blowby and low compression with CerTech Gels Technology. Why?

Because it saves engines from having to be rebuilt or replaced.

100% safety factor – never damaged an engine. 

When  our compounds react with friction they form microscopic ceramic patches  that repair the engine wear on all sliding surfaces lubricated by the  motor oil. This results in longer engine life, increased horsepower and  cleaner running engines. Perfect for preventative maintenance too as it  repairs before you know you have a problem. We use CerTech Gels in all of our engines.