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Robert Pond, Owner, CerTech Gels

Blowby is a sign your engine is wearing out.
CerTech Gels fixes blowby with Engine Ceramics.

For 12 years we have been fixing blowby and low compression with CerTech Gels Technology. Why? because it saves engines from having to be rebuilt or replaced. 100% safety factor – never damaged an engine. Now I am known as that car guy.

When our compounds react with friction they form microscopic ceramic patches that repair the engine wear on all sliding surfaces lubricated by the motor oil. This results in longer engine life, increased horsepower and cleaner running engines. Perfect for preventative maintenance too as it repairs before you know you have a problem. We use CerTech Gels in all of our engines.

People like David in Green Kansas who saved a $3,500 engine overhaul on his 2001 Camry and Don in La Habra, CA who got 350,000 miles out of his Ford Explorer are some of the reasons that drive our interest in these engine ceramics.

Do your research. Call our expert technicians. CerTech Gels might be what you are looking for.

Add CerTech Gels to the oil and drive. The friction bonds microscopic ceramic patches into the worn surfaces repairing what you did in the first 100,000 miles.

  • Fix Blowby
  • Improve Compression
  • Stop Smoking
  • Eliminate Rod Knock
  • Quiet Lifters
  • Recover Oil Pressure
  • Extend Engine Life

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daniel-150Daniel Wells says, “This product works… my blowby is almost completely gone!”

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Bob Pond is the owner of CerTech Gels. He understands car engines. With a love for race cars and years of experience, Bob realized the ceramics used in race cars, could easily be used on the family car or truck.

After a recognized career of working with Southern California leaders successfully solving engine fuel emissions and fuel economy environmental problems, Bob knew ceramic coatings and knew he would want to stand behind any product so he provides this support:

  • 10 Years Commercial Use
  • 100% Safety Rating
  • Lab Certified Results
  • It Works for You or Your Money Back
  • You can Save Thousands

The first car Bob treated was one of his personal cars, a Ford Escape, that had started burning oil prematurely.

What he saw immediately was serious improvement!

Ford Escapes are generally considered underpowered, but after the treatment Bob’s Ford Escape had way more power and acceleration. The throttle response was vastly improved. And, after driving it another week, he noticed better fuel economy. Plus, it was smoother and quieter without the typical knocking he had grown accustomed to hearing.

The way Bob described it was…

“Like slipping a new more powerful engine under the hood of that Ford Escape.”

These nano-technology ceramics exceeded all of Bob’s expectations!  The fact is, most of today’s modern vehicle technology evolved from the race track – independent suspension, disc brakes, dual overhead cams, carbon fiber – so engine ceramics in passenger car engines just makes sense.

“The thing is”, Bob says, “Science has come a long way. But even the certified mechanic isn’t taught about it. These mechanics all know about how ceramics work in race car engines, but they just can’t bridge the gap to the massive benefit of ceramics in everyday passenger cars. Maybe it’s time they (and you) knew more about engine ceramics.

Not long after experiencing the benefits for himself, Bob purchased the CerTech Gels company to spread this message and help hard-working families save money PLUS possibly enjoy their cars for an additional 50,000 miles (or longer).


Cross-section showing how engine ceramics work by filling and smoothing the surface of the engine

Bob thinks of it as “better engines through chemistry”.

Bob believes every car owner should have access to affordable and proven technology that vastly improves the life (and performance) of your car.

Over the past 10 years, CERTECH GELS has treated thousands of cars with the same amazing, jaw-dropping results. The excitement has not worn off for Bob, and his main mission is to help people get more life, use and value out of their automobiles.

Whether you are a classic car enthusiast, a tuner or the family car you drive every day is showing signs of engine wear calling for an overhaul, you’ll find that CERTECH GELS fits your needs.

“Think of it as an overhaul that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.”

Important: If your engine is fried, warped or broken, CerTech Gels can’t fix those problems. Otherwise, CerTech Gels works every time. Guaranteed. And for healthy engines, CerTech Gels fine tunes them like you would never imagine.