Your Engine Repair
Don’t Just Cover up Engine Wear

Most oil additives simply try to hide or cover up engine wear instead of repairing it, and mechanics charge thousands to replace parts we can repair.

Did you know the average age of passenger cars on the road hit a record high in 2014 of 11.4 years? Between the slow economy and the ability of cars to last longer, people are now driving the same car they were 10 years ago. CerTech Gels can repair engine wear, so you don’t have to replace the whole thing by replacing worn metals with ceramics that are harder and smoother than the original surface. This isn’t a simple oil additive or anti-friction modifier. CerTech Gels is a true ceramic repair gel.

Restore and Revitalize your Engine

Unless your engine is fried, warped or broken, CerTech Gels will work every time. Our ceramics are like the tungsten carbide that revolutionized the industry and allows drill bits to last for so long. CerTech Gels will make your engine surfaces even stronger and smoother than the original, allowing your car to run like brand new.
With a 100% safety rating and a money back guarantee, what are you waiting for? Revitalize your engine today!

CerTech Gels – Redefining the Engine Treatment Industry 



CerTech Gels – Extend your engine’s life with the world’s best cure for worn engines.

Our ultra reliable ceramics penetrate deep as they fix blowby and repair the worn surfaces of your engine so the cylinders, rings, bearings and other parts fit together again like new. Blowby occurs when the rapid expansion of combustion gases in an internal combustion engine causes fuel, air and moisture to be forced past the rings into the crankcase. Your engine’s rings must maintain their seal in order to contain the pressure. If you’re wondering how to fix blowby, look no further than CerTech Gels: your number one choice for engine restoration.

Independent Laboratory Testing Certifies CerTech Gels Technology
SAE J1321 Fuel Economy and  Blowby Reduction
Claude Travis & Associates

 These tests were so dramatic that the test company identified the blowby reduction as a significant benefit.

Tuvsud_logo.jpgTUV Largest Test Lab in Europe

Testing revealed rejuvenated cylinder surfaces resulting in
Impreved fuel economy and reduced emissions

fraunhofer_teg.jpg Fraunhofer Technologie-Entwicklungsgruppe
Ceramic Resurfacing was Certified 
Compression Recovery was Measured
Fuel Economy Improvement was Calculated

Why CerTech Gels?

Times are tough for a lot of car owners across America.

Your car is getting older, repairs more expensive and money for repairs is tight.

We built a solution outside the box. A laboratory tested, time tested solution that's absolutely safe and has a long track record of proven performance.

We challenged the auto-repair industry, and developed the truly revolutionary CerTech Gels. After years of testing, we are excited about our ability to change the automotive industry for good, and make better engine performance ten times more affordable.

Don’t waste precious time and money on an engine overhaul, looking for used engines, replacement engines, and used auto parts. If your mechanic told you that you need an engine rebuild, then you should read this first, because it could save you thousands!

CerTech Gels is a revolutionary product that repairs blowby and smoking high mileage, worn engines at a fraction of the cost of an engine overhaul. For a typical car (4 or 6 cylinder), you could resurface and rebuilt your engine for just $100. It’s that simple!

Here's Why You Should Be Excited about CerTech Gels:

  • Save money and the environment – you don’t need to replace your engine!
  • Pay 1/10th of the price to get your engine performing again
  • It lasts up to 100,000 miles!
  • Rebuild and resurface your engine from the inside out
  • Experience increased power, compression, and smoothness
  • Eliminate excessive blowby and smoking tailpipes
  • Reduce excess oil use in your engine
  • Say goodbye to sluggish performance

How does it work?

CerTech Gels repairs engine wear replacing the worn metal lost to friction of metal rubbing against metal with ceramics that are harder and smoother than the original surface. It restores the optimal shape of cylinders, rings, bearings, journals and lifters, and using the friction in the engine, creates a surface that lasts 100,000 miles. It isn’t an oil additive or an anti-friction modifier. CerTech Gels is a true ceramic repair gel.

It resurfaces wear areas in engines and transmissions with ceramics that embed into the steel foundation. All that is required is a one-time application for a newer, quieter and powerful engine.

Why isn’t this awesome product used more widely?

This product is not used by new car manufacturers because it would allow engines to last too long! It makes sense, doesn’t it? If your old car needed an expensive engine replacement, you would be more likely to purchase a new car sooner!

OK, now what?

Unless your engine is fried, warped or broken, CerTech Gels works every time. Guaranteed. And for healthy engines, CerTech Gels fine tunes them like you would never imagine.

10 years of commercial use. It has a 100% Safety Rating. And if it doesn't work, you get your money back. So what are you waiting for? Give the technical guys a call and see if CerTech Gels is for you. (800) 653-3484. They answer the technical questions. You make the decision.

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10 years of commercial use - 100% safety rating - If it doesn't work you get your money back.