ATTENTION: Car owners who want to fix engine blowby, stop burning oil, increase MPG and make your car last up to another 50,000 miles…

“Independent Lab Testing Has Proven It.”
Space-Age Nano-Technology Ceramics are
the 21st Century “Overhaul in a Tube“!

100% Safety Rated With Over 10 Years of Commercial Use.

Look, I’m not asking you to buy a “magic potion”. I’m asking you to read what I have to share with you in this short letter. It affects anyone who owns a car, especially if you are in the “100,000 Mile (or more) Club”, or if you are burning oil, losing fuel economy or facing the possibility of spending thousands to rebuild your engine due to engine blowby or other problems.

This letter will open your mind. (And possibly save you a LOT of money.)

What Exactly is Engine Blowby?

blowbyLook, every engine gradually wears out as a result of friction during normal operation. Friction wear creates compression loss – as demonstrated in the diagram as escaping air and exhaust gases.

When your engine wears out, causing engine blowby, your engine has less power, rougher idle and sluggish acceleration. It can also increase oil burning and exhaust smoke, and reduce fuel economy.

One of the first things you will notice after using CerTech Gels is your engine runs smoother and quieter. This is because compression is balanced evenly across all cylinders. (If your engine was burning oil and smoking because of blowby, Certech Gels will solve that problem too.)

Do You Have Engine Blowby?

We recently went used car-shopping with a friend and did the “1-Minute Blowby Test” on a random 6 used cars with between 73,000 and 134,0000 miles ranging from a 2004 to 2009 Camry, Altima, Rio, another Camry, Sonata and a Sentra.

We had never seen these cars before and know nothing about their history. These cars had been recently bought at auction by expert car buyers. Unfortunately, 5 out of the 6 cars failed with significant engine blowby

That means that the engines are so worn down that instead of the burning gas driving the piston down to turn the wheels, it is blowing by the rings into the bottom of the engine wasting that energy. The Altima is a hybrid and it was the only clean engine without blowby.

When we talked to the buyers, they had no idea. Now they are using CerTech Gels to fix these engines.

Take the “1-Minute Blowby Test” for Yourself!

1-minute-blowby-test-certech-gelsWant to see for yourself if YOUR car has a problem? Take the “1-Minute Blowby Test”…

Step 1. Grab a rag or paper towel
Step 2. Turn on your engine
Step 3. Raise your hood
Step 4. Slowly loosen and remove the oil cap completely

Here’s what to look for:

Is air puffing out the hole? Worse yet, is it spraying oil? (See that’s why I told you to bring that rag.) Now put the cap back on, turn off the engine, wipe off the engine if you need to and close the hood. If you had the puffing air – that is blowby.

Does your car have engine blowby? If yes, I have great news for you…

The Solution to Engine Blowby is Found With CerTech Gels
Patented Nano-Technology Ceramics Formula

How does it work?



Certech Gels Engine Treatment repairs worn out areas in the cylinder walls to regain compression and improve engine performance.

Think of it like a microscopic ceramic patch every time the metals of an engine strike each other. What would have been a spot tearing off becomes a new miracle surface. The damage turns into repair with a new surface stronger and smoother than the original and one that cannot peel or flake off.

This microscopic repair creates regained cylinder compression and more engine power.

And unlike the cheap “engine treatments” you find on the shelves of your local auto parts store, CerTech Gels are a PERMANENT fix. They do not “wash out” when you change your oil. The microscopic silica ceramics “patch” becomes a new, stronger part of your engine surface.

Think about it like this…


Source: Wikipedia

One of the most famous automobile ads in history claimed: “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”.

Do you know why the Rolls Royce is the “quietest car in the world”? It’s because every metal part in the car is shielded from every other metal part by a thin protective coat of rubber.

Just imagine that same kind of technology at work for you, on a microscopic level, protecting and shielding your engine from the direct metal-to-metal contact. When you use CerTech Gels, you are protecting your engine the same way – from within – using state-of-the-art engine ceramics. And your engine runs smoother, has more power, stops burning oil and gets better fuel economy.

The big problem is…

Today’s Mechanics are Stuck on 20-Year Old Solutions to Your
Engine Blowby Problem – and it Could Cost You Thousands!

knowledge doubling curve

Source: The Natural Edge Project

The thing is, science has come a long way.

Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve”; he noticed that until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By the end of World War II knowledge was doubling every 25 years. Today things are not as simple as different types of knowledge have different rates of growth. For example, nanotechnology knowledge is doubling every two years and clinical knowledge every 18 months. But on average human knowledge is doubling every 13 months.  According to IBM, the build out of  the “internet of things” will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours.

Apple recently acquired an exclusive license to a super-strong yet flexible amorphous alloy developed for NASA that offers a better, more durable and environmentally responsible alternative to plastic.

We have curved TV’s and screens that wrap around the edge of our mobile phones – technology that was simply out of reach (and even ridiculed) as little as 5 years ago. Heck, we even have phones that “repair” scratches all by themselves. Silicon carbide ceramics, reinforced with woven ceramic fibers, are being used to improve jet-engine efficiency by tolerating higher operating temperatures.

And for the 15+ years, engine ceramics have been used to fine-tune expensive $35,000 race car engines.

But even the certified mechanic isn’t taught about it. These mechanics (most well-meaning, good people) all know about how ceramics work in race car engines, but most just can’t mentally bridge the gap to the massive benefit of ceramics in everyday passenger cars.

Unfortunately, it could cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair bills. For example, if your engine has blowby, your mechanic will probably recommend an engine rebuild or overhaul.


The typical cost to overhaul a 4-6 cylinder engine is around $2500. If you have an 8-cylinder engine, you’re looking at around $3500 in rebuild costs. And if you’re running a diesel, depending on the type you have, it could cost you anywhere from $7000 to a whopping $15,000 to get it rebuilt!

But Shouldn’t I Rebuild the Whole Engine
As a Preventative Maintenance Measure?

It’s funny. The same people who recommend “use a thicker oil” are the same people who tell you to “rebuild the engine as preventative maintenance”.

Look, if you have an extra $2500 (or more, depending on your engine) sitting around – go for it.

But first ask yourself “Why do we rebuild an engine?”

poly-engine-tear-downTypically because the cylinders have become so worn that the rings and pistons become sloppy and cannot seal properly. Blowby, lack of power, low compression, smoking and using oil are the common symptoms.

Bearings also wear down – making a sloppy fit. Rod knock and low oil pressure are the tell tale signs. Early engine wear detection is readily seen as “oil cap blowby”.

Science has provided us with some amazing technology. We have all seen computers that once took up an entire room be reduced to the size of a cell phone. Ceramic friction technology has fascinated me for the last 12 years.

Certech Gels actually enables opposing moving metal parts to build a ceramic surface that bonds to the original metal of an engine.

CerTech Gels Engine Ceramics create a new surface and actually reshape the friction surfaces of the engine. Rings are renewed, cylinder walls brought back to cylindrical, bearings built back to specs, lifters quieted.

And this is what the the everyday driveway mechanic, and even some ASE Certified Mechanics just don’t understand.

Early Repair With CerTech Gels Can Save Thousands
of Dollars in Engine Damage Requiring an Overhaul.

When CerTech Gels Engine Ceramics are added to the oil, they use a sintering process to repair the damaged cylinder walls.  The cylinders regain their shape allowing the rings to seal again as when they were new.

Metal surfaces sliding or rolling against each other create friction. In the presence of engine ceramics, a combination of soft silica’s and magnesium, create a microscopic ceramic patch that is bonded into the surface of the metal. Over a short period of time, these patches build up material to rebuild the surface that was previously being worn away.  Then they stop building once the tolerances are optimized.

Yes – this is (almost) like having the engine rebuilt by a mechanic taking apart the engine, boring out the cylinders, replacing the bearings, rings, pistons, timing chain and gear set, oil pump, camshaft, lifters, and maybe grinding the journals.

Sound too good to be true?

We understand your confusion… But this isn’t the first time technological advances have challenged the trap of “how things have always been done”…

Engine Ceramics aren’t the First Technology Born on the Race Track, Yet Criticized by “Professionals” for Use in Passenger Cars…

Source: 3MAutoClub

Independent Suspension.
In racing, it’s best to have all 4 tires maintain constant contact with the road. Not only is it more stable, but it assures that all the power is applied in the most efficient way possible. But, even today, the debate rages on about solid axles versus independent suspension and which is best. This is especially true in 4×4 circles – just try telling a Jeep owner they are losing their solid axle!

Source: YouthVillage

 Automatic Transmission.
Most drivers in the United States use automatic transmissions, meaning transmissions that shift gears without any input from the driver. But when the automatic transmission was first announced, mechanics said automatic transmissions would “never catch on”. The backlash was clear being called “stupidity devices, for those people who are simply too lazy to shift themselves”.

Source: Toro

Disc Brakes.
Disc brakes started appearing in the 1950’s. In the beginning people found it hard to change from their “trusty drum brakes” to something so “exposed” as the disc brake. When it became clear how much more powerful they were, they were easier to maintain AND easier to keep cool, they quickly became the obvious standard they are today.

In addition to the technologies above, a few others that were ridiculed at first and then eventually accepted are: push-button ignition, tires (specifically the rubber compounds), air intakes, materials like carbon fiber, your car’s hidden “safety cage” and even dual overhead camshafts to name a few.

To further highlight how resistant some people can be to real technological advances, let’s go back to the beginning of automobile history and consider the criticism Henry Ford faced every day regarding his “horseless carriages”. In fact, Mr. Ford was well-known for saying, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

The fact ismost modern vehicle technology evolved from the race track –
so engine ceramics in passenger car engines just makes good sense.

Independent Lab-Proven Results in the United States and Europe

Without a doubt, the number one question we get is; “Has anyone tested your products?” followed closely by “Have they been verified by independent laboratories so that we know they are not just wild-eyed claims?”

The questions are reasonable and very understandable, and the answer is resoundingly… YES.


The results impressed the Independent Lab Claude Travis & Associates’s president, Claude Travis, so much he said this about CerTech Gels:

“The installation of CerTech Gels Technology in the diesel engine used to power the test vehicle demonstrated a significant improvement in fuel economy. CerTech Gels Technology used in this test series also resulted in an increase of horsepower coupled with a marked reduction in engine ‘blow-by’, which will contribute to increased engine miles to overhaul.”

“The dyno test is usually only used to verify the soundness of the engine. The increase in horsepower and reduction in blow-by was so dynamic that we included the dyno results in the final J1321 report. I was impressed with this product.” Claude J. Travis, President Claude Travis and Associates. “CerTech Gels are proven to reduce blowby, increase fuel economy, increase horsepower and extend engine life.

Before the CerTech Gels entered retail sales in Europe, TUV (Europe’s largest independent testing agency) tested and verified the fuel economy improvement claims made by RVS, to validate claims and protect the European customer.

The claims held true and the results have been published by TUV confirming:

“CerTech Gels are proven to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.”

This Works for ANY Vehicle, No Matter How New or Old

Ok so I'm not big on doing reviews but for Certech Gels transmission repair gel I have to. I have a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer 4wd 4.2l with 135,000 miles with some bolt-on parts and a tuner. I live in Minnesota where the weather is really hard on all transportation. I was have an issue with gear hunting. Witch means that the transmission and the engine search to find the right gear at a specific rpm and speed. I ordered the gel and followed the step as written besides the added step of me running the truck while adding the gel and atf. I have only put about 50 miles on since I added the gel and noticed that the transmission is not hunting at all any more. I also noticed that the truck shifts much smother locking into gears much better than any vehicle that I have ever drove. I work on vehicles all the time so I test drive them all the time. I would use this gel in anything. Thank you Bob for this wonderful product. Thank you all.
Will Marholtz
I've known company CEO Bob for several years. When I mentioned in passing that my 2006 PT Cruiser was not performing like it used to, he suggested I try his product. Oh, my what a difference it made. Instead of the usual 0-60 in 5 minutes getting on the highway, I actually felt like there was an engine under the hood. The performance was better than when I got the car. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone having engine issues that doesn't want to spend 3 months salary on repairs. These little tubes of gold are wonderful!
Clare Cranford
I have to admit, I was a bit of a skeptic when I first heard of the product. I have been a mechanic for over 40 years and always been taught the only way to repair a problem was to replace the worn parts. I did some testing on my own with a worn out Yamaha 80cc quad that had been handed down through 4 kids that rode it hard and even flipped it a few times. The engine had excessive blow by even pushing oil past the oil filler cap. It was very bad. On top of that the clutches in the trans were also starting to slip. I used the product as directed and we turned my youngest son loose for the day. He had been riding in the desert for a couple hours when I noticed the usual blue smoke was not coming from the exhaust and no oil residue from around the filler cap was present. My first thought was it must be low on oil, but after checking the dipstick still read full. We still have the quad, and yes it still is running 6 years later, and I haven't had to add one drop of oil, thanks to Bob and his Certech Gel.
Ken Conaway
I bought a used Chrysler Sebring convertible. It is great on the highway and I love it. I added the CerTech Gels and Wow! What a difference! I thought it was quick when I bought it but now it is even smoother and quicker on the gas. Knew it would work because I used CerTech to fix my Jeep and got another 50,000 miles out of that one. Oh yeah. It saved my transmission in my Avalanche too. I use it in everything even my lawn mower. Thanks Bob.
Fred May
Bartlett, TN
Buy a hammer, hit a nail. Buy Certech Gels and get more power from your tired engine. It just works, every time. You'll know, like I do - in just a few miles you can say, "Oh cool." Your gas pedal works differently. I got a speeding ticket. I told the officer I just put Certech Gels in my car and I wasn't used to the extra power yet. Got off with a warning. How can you make that up? Buy it, try it and you'll buy more for every rig.
Daniel Wells
This powerful product saved my engine from premature death! When my mechanic checked my oil he said, "How long have you been driving it because there is not a drop of oil in this engine!". I said that I had driven it from Battle Creek to Three Rivers Michigan... maybe further! Then I thought back to the day that I had treated my engine with Certech Gels and the protection that it immediately provided! Thanks Certech Gels!
Miles Fitzpatrick
I purchased this product hoping that it might slow down my blow-by issue and not stop it. After one tube and nearly 500 miles, not only has it almost completely stopped the oil burning my gas mileage is back over 30 MPG. I just wanted the oil burning eliminated so the decrease in fuel consumption is an added bonus. All of my vehicles are 200,000 miles and over and I see no reason that I cannot take them to 400,000. Thank you Robert for offering such an affordable solution (and no car payments!)
US Postal Service Letter Carrier
I was between a rock and hard place...10 year old Nissan Quest that after a very long vacation came home sounding like the lifters were shot...decided to take the path of least resistance rather than going to a shop a spending thousands..tried Certech Gels and literally after about 3 days the noise was gone. The car had 180,000 miles on it and must have had some ring wear too. Because after the treatment it had much more power and fuel mileage increased about 2 miles per gal. So I ordered some more for my 2004 Chevy Silverado 5 speed manual transmission truck. The syncronizers in the transmission were starting to make some noise. I added to the transmission..since I dont drive it a lot it took about a week and a half for the tranny to stop with the noises. As a preventive measure I added it the engine and rear end. I also went back and added it to my wifes transmisdion in her 2005 Quest. All is well. I now recommend it to my friends a couple of who have tried it in their dune buggies. They are also happy with the results.
Steve Elder
Manchester, MO

Everything You Need is in This Little Tube…


certech gels

Think of it as “better engines through chemistry” or
“an overhaul that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.”

Note: Your application may require more than one tube.


Let’s recap what you’ve learned so far:

red-check-trans The fastest way to fix engine blowby is to use the space-age technology born on the race track in precision $35,000 racing engines. NOT ignoring the problem… NOT expensive engine rebuilds… and NOT running out and wasting money on a new car you don’t really need…
red-check-trans The mistake you absolutely MUST AVOID is listening to mechanics who think nano-technology ceramics are like the cheap engine additives you see on the shelves at your local auto store. That is a mis-guided apples to oranges comparison. Kind of like comparing the ride quality of a Rolls Royce to a 1972 VW Bug.
red-check-trans The solution is found in a 21st Century nano-technology ceramics compound… that takes only adding CerTech Gels to your engine oil to make it work for you while you drive.
red-check-trans The results have been independent lab-tested and 100% safety rated in over 10 years of commercial use… and now, YOU can get direct access to the exact time-proven formula.

I Can’t Take All the Credit for This Technology

certech gels bob pondHere’s my story: I was working with school districts and cities throughout Southern California solving lubrication, emission and fuel economy problems. Not a very exciting job, but I felt I was making a real difference and saving taxpayer dollars at the same time, plus making some real advances in the field.

I still remember the day when one of my customers called up and asked, “Are you doing anything with engine ceramics?”

The only thing I knew about ceramics in engines was very expensive race car engines ($35,000+).

But the question intrigued me. And stuck with me. And gnawed at me. I just couldn’t get the question out of my mind.

A few days later I contacted the ceramics company and bought an engine treatment for my personal car, a Ford Escape, that had starting burning additional oil prematurely. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect, but the treatment was said to repair damaged metal surfaces – and was 100% safe, with a money-back guarantee – so I saw no harm in giving it a try.

Ford Escapes are generally considered underpowered, but after the treatment my little Ford Escape noticeably had way more power and acceleration. The throttle response was vastly improved. And, after driving it another week, the fuel economy even improved. Plus, it was smoother and quieter without the typical knocking we had grown accustomed to hearing.

“It was like slipping a silky-smooth Jaguar engine
underneath the hood of that little Ford Escape.”

Not long after experiencing the benefits for myself, I purchased the company. Because I want to spread this message and help hard-working families save money PLUS possibly enjoy their cars for up to an additional 50,000 miles (or longer).

I believe every car owner should have access to affordable and proven
technology that vastly improves the life (and performance) of your car.

But I do want to make one thing clear – as excited as I am and have been about this technology for over a decade (and counting)…

CerTech Gels Is Not a Miracle Cure and Can’t
Fix Everything Wrong With Your Engine…

CerTech Gels is Wrong for You if…

  • You ran your engine without oil, or without coolant for an extended time and believe your engine is fried, CerTech Gels can’t fix it.
  • Your engine is warped, you’re probably going to need a new engine. CerTech Gels can’t fix that.
  • And if your engine is just plain broken, CerTech Gels can’t fix it. 

But if your engine is not fried, warped or broken, CerTech Gels works every time. Guaranteed.
And for healthy engines without blowby, CerTech Gels fine tunes them like you would never imagine.

Let me make the wise decision you’re about to make even easier for you…

Backed by a No-Hassle Full Money-Back Guarantee

This may well be YOUR first time hearing about engine ceramics, but they have been used in race engines for well over a decade.

Unless your engine is simply broken, CerTech Gels will work for you – GUARANTEED.

I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for anyone wanting an engine blowby solution. Your purchase is backed by my 100% “no hassle” money-back guarantee. If you follow the instructions and CerTech Gels does not work for you, just call me and I will give you an IMMEDIATE full refund.

Heck, I will even refund your shipping cost.


Whether you are a classic car enthusiast, a tuner or the family car you drive every day is showing signs of engine wear calling for an overhaul, you’ll find that CerTech Gels fits your needs.

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Important: If your engine is fried, warped or broken, CerTech Gels can’t fix those problems. But if your engine is not fried, warped or broken, CerTech Gels works every time. Guaranteed. And for healthy engines, CerTech Gels fine tunes them like you would never imagine.